psychology sample newspaper

 psychology sample paper


Category: XII

Subject Psychology

Time: 3 HoursMaximum Marks: 70

General Guidance:

(i)All questions are compulsory.

(ii)Marks for each and every question will be indicated against it.

(iii)Answers should be quick and to the actual.

(iv)PART- A has 15 Learning Bank checks carrying one particular mark each. You are required to solution them since directed.

(v)Questions 11 to 16 in PART- M are Very Short Answer type questions having 2 signifies each. Solution to each issue should not surpass 30 terms.

(vi) Concerns 17 to 20 in PART- C are Short Answer Type I questions carrying 3 represents each. Solution to each problem should not surpass 60 terms.

(vii) Inquiries 21 to 26 in PART- G are Short Answer Type II inquiries carrying 5 marks every single. Answer to every question must not exceed 90 words.

(viii) Questions twenty-seven and twenty-eight in PART- E happen to be Long Response Type questions carrying six marks every single. Answer to every question must not exceed 2 hundred words.


1 . Meet the TWO prospect lists and opt for the correct meet from the given options:



1 .

A single factor theory

A. Thurstone

2 .

Two factor theory

B. Binet

three or more.

Structure of Intellect Model

C. Spearman


Theory of Primary Mental Abilities

Deb. Guilford


a. 1 – G, 2 – A, a few – C, 4 – B,

b. 1 – C, two – M, 3 – B, 4 – A,

c. one particular – A, 2 – C, several – Deb, 4 – B,

d. 1 – B, a couple of – C, 3 – A, 5 – M, (1)

installment payments on your A person's quality of problems at any stage of expansion less than the adequate, demonstrates regression. (True/False) (1)

3. The analysis of stress procedure based on a cognitive theory was proposed by ________. ( Selye / Lazarus) (1)

four. The fad for thinness valued simply by models and actors is termed as ________. (Anorexia nervosa/Bulimia). (1)

your five. ‘People have freedom and choices' is definitely the core assumption of ___________ therapy.

(a) Cognitive

(b) Gestalt

(c ) Behaviour

(d) Client Concentrated (1)

6. ‘Changing each of our behaviour can transform how we think and feel'. Give the. (1)

six. Identify the right sequence in the stages of group formation. (1)

(a)Performing, norming, storming & developing.

(b)Forming, storming, norming & performing.

(C) Norming, storming, forming & performing.

(d)Storming, norming, performing & building.

8. Identity any ONE individual influence about environment. (1)

being unfaithful. What do you suggest needs to be the age of the President of India? This can be an example of _____________ type of interview question.

(a)Closed ended

(b)Open concluded.

(c )Mirror question

(d) Zweipolig ended (1)

10. Ritu's young child works in a call hub. Inspite of knowing his unusual hours of returning. the girl continues to have prolonged, obscure and powerful fear, accompanied by hyper vigilance, showing a kind of anxiety. Identify the type of stress she is affected by?



11. Elucidate any TWO characteristics of emotionally brilliant individual. (2)

12. Talk about TWO tips to improve tuning in skills. (2)

13. Condition any TWO techniques of self control. (2)

18. What do you comprehend by termes conseilles? (2)

15. ‘Extreme cohesiveness within a group becomes dangerous for functioning'. Explain. (2)

16. Exactly what the effects of sound on human being behaviour? (2)


18. Critically evaluate the method of behavioural rating to get assessing character. (3)

18A person displays break - up in relationships, elevated body weight, poor performance in school and at operate. State the factors predisposing this disorder. (3)

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