EDEE112 Task 2 Melissa Martin 230

 EDEE112 Assignment 2 Melissa Martin 220 Essay

Gina the Dancing Queen


Designed for Level 1 - Year two

Melissa Martin 220101596

Storysack Contents:

 Storysack

 Contents Page

 Letter to Father and mother: Storysack;

Intro, explanation and

directions in use.

 ‘Gina the Dancing Queen' by

Marisa Alo

 ‘Giraffes and Zebras' simply by Michael

and Jane Pelusey

 Prompt Cards

 Matching Game

 Graphophonic Activity

 Handwriting Activity

 Punctuation Activity

 Talking/Listening Activity

 Sensed characters, sensed board and


 Character Face masks

Letter to Parents/Carers

Special Parent/Carer,

A storysack is known as a large material bag containing a little one's picture publication with assisting materials to stimulate vocabulary activities and make examining a remarkable and pleasant experience. The storysack gives parents and carers an easy and enjoyable way to interact children in literacy, their very own support and involvement assures the success of this storysack.

This storysack will be based upon the book ‘Gina the Dancing Queen' by Marisa Alo. Marisa Alo, a passionate dancer, was inspired to write this account for children about the joy of dancing. The book is a heart-warming account about trusting in one self and carrying out a dream. The book also contains a fantastic introduction to the several styles of party.

Within the storysack is the publication ‘Gina the dancing california king, ' an accompanying nonfiction book ‘Giraffes and Zebras' by Eileen and Anne Pelusey continues to be included. Also contained in the storysack are sensed characters, a felt table and props to assist with the telling of the story. The storysack likewise contains a prompt greeting card, a game and a variety of activities to support kid's literacy. There is also an audio recording of the publication so youngsters are able to " read” the book devoid of assistance in the event they choose. The game is known as a literacy based matching online games that focusses on the areas of speech, including; adjectives, adverbs, common nouns, proper nouns, pronouns and verbs. All of the words to get matched have been completely sourced in the book ‘Gina the Moving Queen. ' Children are necessary to match the term card for the part of speech on the game board, the answers are on the back of every single word greeting card should the kid need prompting. The game may be played again and again as there are different word playing cards to match.

The storysack also includes a graphophonic activity that may assist with nice of words and the corresponding sounds associated with them. This activity requires children to match beginning seems to a number of ending seems to form a word.

The handwriting activity is used to promote children's correct development of letters, children are presented a worksheet and asked to write a couple of sentences based upon their favourite type of boogie. The topic of party was used to coincide with the theme of grooving in ‘Gina the Dance Queen. ' The punctuation activity can be described as game in which children enjoy against an opponent and still have to move along a board of punctuation features, as they land on every single they are asked to labeled them as having a full stop, question mark, affirmation mark or speech represents. The talking/listening activity, kids read the textual content with father and mother and are then asked to describe a page and after that draw what they've believed. This activity encourages energetic listening and promotes descriptive language when talking.

I want to thank taking the time to have the joy of reading. Kind Regards,

Mrs. Martin.

Gina the Dancing California king by Marisa Alo

Page 6

Page 13

Gina the Dancing Queen by Marisa Alo

Page thirty-one

Page 32

Giraffes and Zebras by Michael and Jane Pelusey

Page 6

Page 9

Page 18

Prompt Cards

Prompt greeting cards as proven in the

Gina the Moving Queen: Fast Cards

storysack (below) and written to

Prompt credit cards are a list of questions that should be

used to prompt conversation about the styles,

characters, dialect, vocabulary and pictures to extend

the child's comprehension of the text.

display all questions (left. )




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