Advanced Tactical Thinking; How to Apply Chaos and Difficulty Theories in Strategy?

 Advanced Strategic Thinking How you can Apply Chaos and Difficulty Theories in Strategy? Article

Advanced strategic thinking; how to apply chaos and complexity theories in approach?

In order to answer this question, an explanation with the terms ‘strategy', ‘chaos theory' and ‘complexity theory' should be used.


One of the best definitions of strategy can be provided in Ghemawat's publication " Technique and the Organization Landscape" can be described as quote from Alfred G. Chandler, Jr: " Technique can be defined as the determination in the basic long-term goals and objectives associated with an enterprise, and the adoption of courses of action and the share of methods necessary for carrying out those goals”. To complement this kind of definition, Manley and Scholes define it as follows: " Strategy may be the direction and scope associated with an organization above the long term: which usually achieves advantage for the organization through its setup of resources within a changing environment, in order to meet the needs of market segments and to fulfill stakeholder expectations”.

The principal of strategy is very well defined in Eileen Porter's Activity System. In accordance to Tenir, " approach is the creation of a exceptional and important position, including a different set of activities”. Which means that strategy is all about combining actions in order to produce fit between an organization's activities. Strategic fit creates competitive benefit and excellent profitability. Also Porter claims that an organization has to help to make choices in what business it can be in and who their customers are: " the essence of strategy can be choosing what not to do”.

Since technique is always a combination of analytical considering and intuition, there is no magic set of relief of knowing that can help managers to create an ideal strategy.

Damage Theory

Mayhem theory examines how quite easy things may generate very complex outcomes that could certainly not be forecasted by just looking at the parts by themselves. The idea attempts to explain the fact that complex and unpredictable results can and definitely will occur in devices that are sensitive to their primary conditions. One of this is referred to as Butterfly Effect, described by meteorologist Lorenz. It claims that, in theory, the flutter of a butterfly's wings in China may actually effect weather patterns in Nyc, thousands of mls away. In other words, it is possible that something very small can produce unstable and sometimes extreme results by triggering a number of increasingly significant events.

Another example of the mayhem theory is definitely the patterns of birds traveling by air together while flying. One would think that birds are extremely intelligent to determine how to take flight in such a formation and that right now there would have to be a leader providing the guidance to take flight like that. Analysis into swarms however , has shown that all that may be needed for every single bird to keep the distance among itself as well as neighbors and fly inside the average course of it is neighbors.

Simple rules can generate complex manners that only seem to come out out of nowhere.

Intricacy theory

Complexness theory examines how sophisticated systems may generate straightforward outcomes, it really is used to appreciate how an organization gets used to to the environment. This treats companies as a collection of strategies and structures.

An example of such a complex system is the human body: billions of cells almost all work together in such a way that the body is actually a single product. Our body performs to keep us surviving. We get starving when we want food; we have thirsty whenever we need water. We can believe and we possess a distinct persona. Something happens when large numbers of individual units add up and communicate intensely together. New degrees of operating just emerge through what is referred to as self-organization. Searching at an individual human cellular, you could certainly not tell that this would be able to run with other skin cells to form a human body.

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