The Holocaust is a complex, emotional and sometimes controversial subject. Nonetheless, it rarely fails to inspire and motivate students as it not only teaches them about important historical events but also reveals much about the human response to exceptional circumstances.

I am a history teacher of ten years’ experience teaching in the UK in both the state and private sectors. In 2007 I completed the Imperial War Museum Fellowship in Holocaust Education during which I developed a rationale, schemes of work and resources for a cross curricular approach to teaching about the Holocaust.

I have assisted teachers of English, Art, MFL, RS and Citizenship as well as my fellow history teachers in developing their own Schemes of Work and teaching strategies so that they can make the Holocaust an accessible, motivating and enriching subject for their students.

I am currently working freelance as a Holocaust Educator, having just completed my first freelance project working with the IWM North on a Teaching the Holocaust CPD day for NQTs, ITTs and teachers new to this topic.

I hope you find this site useful and I welcome any constructive comments!

Zoe Yacoub

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  1. Eli says:

    Can JRoots help you?

    JRoots is a London based organization passionate about educating today’s generations about the holocaust. This year we transported over 1200 participants from all over the world to Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, Hungary and Czech Republic and guided them through both the pre-war sites rich in Jewish memory and the holocaust locations.

    Please let me know if our expertise and experience may be of use to you.

    Best wishes

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