An inspiring speaker

Christer Mattsson

Christer Mattsson

Whilst I was studying on the Imperial War Museum fellowship back in 2006-7, I was privileged to participate in a couple of workshops and lectures by Christer Mattsson. Christer has worked for many years in Sweden with young people at risk of developing radical right wing views and participating in extremist groups. Many of these children and teenagers come from families that hold such views and so you can perhaps imagine how sensitive and challenging it must be to work with such young people towards creating a more tolerant and understanding world-view.

Christer recently gave this TEDtalk, which I found to be in his typical raconteuring style both entertaining, informative and touching. I hope you find it interesting and perhaps inspiring in the run up to Holocaust Memorial Day 2013.

Christer Mattson at TEDxSödravägenTEDxSödravägen.

“It’s not only ideas that form us. It is the people that surrounds us that acknowledge our action that makes us become what we are.”

(Christer Mattsson)

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