Rescues of the Holocaust

The Wiener Library and Facing History and Ourselves present a workshop for teachers: Rescues of the Holocaust

A workshop for teachers led by Toby Simpson from the Wiener Library
and Michael McIntyre from Facing History and Ourselves will take place on Wednesday 5th December, from 1.30 pm to 5pm and the Wiener Library, Russell Square, London.

This workshop offers an exciting opportunity to examine the issue of rescue in the Holocaust in the context of the Wiener Library’s special exhibition about this subject currently being shown. You will

  • have a tour of the exhibition
  • receive detailed resources and effective teaching strategies to help you teach this important subject in the classroom
  • have an opportunity to reflect on the principles that underpinned, and the challenges that could prevent, rescue in the Holocaust
  • be able to take part in a more general discussion about altruism today
  • receive advice about how the Wiener Library can be useful more generally in your work
  • receive advice about  Facing History can help your professional development

The workshop will be of particular interest to teachers of history, RE, citizenship and philosophy for children.

The workshop is free of charge but registration is necessary. To register for this workshop please go to

For more information about Facing History and Ourselves in London please contact or go to

For the work of the Wiener Library contact

After the workshop there will be an opportunity to attend a lecture about Survivors: Rescue in Western Europe given by Bob Moore of the University of Sheffield, and this will take place between 6.30pm and 8.00pm at the Wiener Library

Refreshments will be served during the afternoon.

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