Holocaust Survivors’ Conference

The Fifth Annual Holocaust Survivors’ Conference will take place at Watford Girls’ Grammar School on Thursday November 8th 2012.

This excellent day of talks and workshops is for sixth form students and teachers alike.

Photographing the Holocaust by Janina Struk – an excellent book covering origin and use of a wide range of Holocaust photographs.
Highly recommended reading.

The morning speaker is Janina Struk, author of Photographing the Holocaust: Interpretations of the Evidence, (2004) and Private Pictures: Soldiers’ Inside View of War, (2011).

Janina’s talk focuses on Images of the ghettos and Interpretations of the photographic evidence, giving students and teachers a fascinating insight into the provenance and purpose of many Holocaust photographs. Questions that all students should be asking themselves when presented with photographic evidence, such as “Who took this photograph and why?” will be thoroughly addressed in this talk. Students will have the opportunity to look at photographs taken by perpetrators and victims and consider the different uses, implications and representations of the Holocaust that they provide.

The afternoon speaker will be Jane Redmond of the Anne Frank House, who will talk on the subject of Holland and the Holocaust. Apart from the story and experiences of Anne Frank herself, the Netherlands is often overlooked as students focus on Germany, Poland and even France when looking at experiences of the Holocaust. Less than 25% of Dutch Jewry survived the Holocaust and so Jane’s talk promises to significantly broaden students’ understanding.

As the name of this event suggests, there will also be a number of survivors who will talk about their own experiences during the Holocaust. Now almost 70 years after the end of the war, the opportunity to listen to a survivor recount their own story is becoming an increasingly rare event, and one that always leaves a deep and lasting impression.

There are thirteen workshops that will run on the day, relevant to a wide range of subjects. These include Literature of the Holocaust, Holocaust Historical Interpretations, Art and Holocaust, Holocaust and Modern Genocides and  Holocaust in Drama and Film.

For full details of workshops and talks and how to purchase tickets (£5) you can download the flyer here.

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