2 you Explain Just how Electronic Deals Can Lessen

 2 1 Explain How Electronic Deals Can Decrease Essay


By the end of the lesson, more lean should be able to;

installment payments on your 1 Explain how electronic transactions can easily reduce

paperwork and delay(advantages ).

2 . 2 Examine how EDI has developed and laid the

foundations for b2b elektronische geschaftsabwicklung.

2 . three or more Evaluate the usage of different Electronic Payment



Electronic digital Transactions

Taking this concept in to perspective by answering the


Precisely what is Electronic Deals? (Class discussion).

AnВ actВ ofВ buyingВ orВ sellingВ something

orВ sendingВ money electronically, specifically over

theВ internet:

[] a couple of


Another definition of Electric Transaction through Organization to get Economic Co-operation and Development OECD

Description: An electronic deal is the sales or acquiring goods or services, if between businesses, households, persons, governments, and also other public or private organisations, conducted above computer-mediated sites. The goods and services will be

ordered more than those sites, but the payment and the best delivery from the good or service could possibly be conducted in or off the internet.


three or more


Every Electronic Transactions, starts on the Electronic Stage Of Sales (EPOS) program. which need to comply with the types

of business and transactions staying carried out.

Deal is not only purchase and product sales of goods, different

services purchase are also included.


Electronic Transaction Structures

Electronic Deal ArchitectureThis identifies all the pieces (both components and software), connected to one another and convey

during the electric transaction.

Major parts of Digital Architecture happen to be:

1 . HardwareComputers, card readers, barcode visitor and different EPOS terminals.


ElectronicTransactions Hardware


Electric Transaction Structures

Softwares/middleware that are installed on the

hardware proven above.

[ be aware that these application are particularly made to

conform to the type of business, adjustments and the




Electronic Transaction Architecture

1 ) Websites-Where purchase takes place throughout the

seller website-for examples searching on line intended for tangible



Electronic digital Transaction Architecture

for illustrations shopping on-line for digital goods.

on the lookout for

Electronic Purchase Architecture


Electronic Purchase Architecture

Many major ventures are done within an architecture like the followings

1 ) web machine farms (cluster of internet servers),

This types of transaction buildings ensures among others that not any failure in the transaction because of high targeted traffic or needs.

2 . Software servers and Business procedures execution program architectures happen to be dedicated devices specially tailored for a particular kind of industry.

Although many electronic transactions are made up of blends of all these kinds of architecture to supply more robust companies.

[The technical details of these deal architectures will be beyond the scope of this class].


Comparison of Conventional paper and Gadgets Transactions

Conventional paper


Traditional Paper Repayment


Excessive Banking CostsВ - Banks

demand a high cleaning fees

through adding charges including

positive pay/ payee match/

incidental/ expenses

Electronic Repayment

Processing Reduced

Banking FeesВ - Processing

payments electronically

dramatically reduces lender

deposit item fees.

Challenging and

Accounting Nightmare –

Made easier and decreases

Accounting Nightmare-

creating a variety of operations

and losing control.

streamline processes

which gives even more control.


Comparison of Conventional paper and Electronics Transactions

Conventional paper


Does take time for examine to

very clear, process account and

retain record

Fast everything is usually


The procedure is prone to

lots of mistake and faults

Few mistake and...

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