An Analysis of the type of Meursault in The Outsider by Albert Camus

“Heroic but hardly admirable”, how correct is this evaluation of Meursault in “The Outsider”

When Meursault is explained to us in the first levels of the novel we observe that he does not obey culture’s codes therefore could it be fair for all of us to evaluate him applying societies interpretation of “heroic”?

If we are to guage him by them then simply we receive ample examples through the entire novel of his having no compassion as well as of his thinking about the consequences of his actions, barely heroic, however the converse can be demonstrated in many places. A good example of the past is when Raymond asks Meursault to “draft” a letter to an Arab prostitute. Meursault knows what will derive from his actions but appears unemotional and views the letter to be a favour for a pal rather than a vicious conspiracy. This insufficient emotion can be reinforced when the prostitute is beaten up by Raymond and Meursault continues to be impartial whilst his girlfriend, Marie, thought it had been “awful” and is definitely sickened by the beating. Another screen of his apathetic sights is in the opening lines "Mom died today. Or possibly yesterday, I have no idea" This means that that either he will not care or he previously no comprehension of what got happened. Yet another illustration of his detached frame of mind is after his moms funeral when he would go to see a humorous "Fernandel" film with Marie, his girlfriend, and after that he takes her residence and sleeps with her just simply hours after his Mothers funeral. This means that that aswell as having a detached viewpoint that he does not have any perception of morality. A portion of the novel that backs this up occurs